Translational Research Team

Yael Babichev
Scientific Associate/Lab Manager

Born and raised: Kyiv, Ukraine

Education:  M.Sc (Hebrew University, Israel), Ph.D. (Ben Gurion University, Israel), Postdoctoral Research (Sunnybrook Hospital, Canada).

Scientific Interests: LMS, RMS, functional genomics, novel murine sarcoma models, novel therapies

Outside interests: Reading, travelling, spending time with my family and friends, biking, canoeing and camping.

Claire Wunker
Graduate Student

Born and raised: Toronto, Canada

Education: BASc (Queen’s University, Canada), MD (Saba University School of Medicine, Netherlands Antilles)

Scientific Interests: RMS, angiosarcoma, multidisciplinary translational research, imaging, novel treatment methods

Outside interests: Scuba diving, musical theatre, canoeing, and board games

Jen Dorsey
Graduate Student

Born and raised: Toronto, Canada

Education: B.Sc (Queen’s University, Canada)

Scientific Interests: high-grade sarcomas, metabolomics, hypoxia, novel therapies, novel murine sarcoma models, translational research

Outside interests: Horse riding, spending time with family and friends, cottaging

Olga Vornicova
Research Fellow

Born and raised: Moldova, Chadyr- Lunga

Education: MD (SUMP N. Testemitanu, Chisinau Moldova), Postgraduate training in Clinical oncology (Rambam MC, Haifa, Israel)

Scientific Interests: Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcomas, Melanoma, Translational research

Outside interests: Spending time with family, stand up paddelboarding, windsurfing, travelling

Anna Mandel
Graduate Student

Education: M.Sc. (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)

Scientific Interests: RMS, epigenetics, cancer stem cells, radiation, tumour microenvironment

Outside interests:Yoga, travelling, learning languages, history

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